Another video of YoYo talking while in the bathroom. He recently learned (still practicing) a Korean song named “Nobody” from Wonder Girls and a random about lions in Kenya.

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    • hingginchu


    • Janice Duarte

      My god brothers bird yoyo

    • Alex Heinrich

      how long have you had him

    • Alex Heinrich

      is you bird always busy and if he is how do you keep him busy

    • erandi123

      Love this parrot!!! What race is it?

    • kaaterinz

      how is their 2 kinds? just curious

    • Ladybug

      I want oen of these sooo bad!

    • basspig

      Always has been my favorite African gray parrot. What a fantastic bird and
      so talented. Got a lot of his singing voice!

    • dmcquill

      Love this video. Yoyo is becoming quite a good singer!!

    • xialong123

      your birds a dork dude x]

    • Leesha Smith

      He sounds so much my Mandee Bird. She passed just short of 20 yo from liver
      disease. Yoyo says many of the same things that she used to say but in a
      deep male voice. Its funny. She used to do the phone dialing and convo too.
      Everyone would say, aren’t you going to answer the phone? The “phone” was
      Mandee Bird!

    • linda melbright

      a very intelligent and talking pair of healthy African grey parrots
      21months old available for adoption to lovely homes contact

    • Alan Turner

      he is one smart guy love the video

    • Jinseo Lim

      @erandi123 read the title (AFRICAN GREY PARROT) and its Breed not race haha

    • Elf Meter

      even the URL sais AAAAAAAAAAAAAw so cute

    • Biff

      timneh and congo

    • neteglarsen

      Great parrot! How old? Great owners

    • haley chank

      omg hahaha

    • sickcakesauce97

      This is what i do in the mirror every morning when im bored.

    • พินิจ ขันสุวรรณ

      What time its said

    • azlinilyana82

      he’s singing wonder girls ..

    • Luckychan0108

      hahaha yoyo, you are such a cutie talky parrot. love it

    • Drilon Bajrami

      he rap a little bit and move his feet like hands when rappin

    • YourDailyLaughz

      let’s go shower i wanna go shower creepy voice xDDD

    • Delaney Howell

      The fact he knows a K-pop song makes me explode from awesomeness And at
      1:07 was he singing “Boo boop be-doop” like Betty Boop?

    • Ms.Pizzalarity

      you should teach him to sing hello my darlin hello my baby hello my rag
      time gallllllllllll!!!!!!

    • taila vanessa

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      expectancy of a new born baby, we have decided to look for a pet loving
      family to adopt and love our parrot. she is 2years old a combination of
      brains and beauty. she is a great talkative and can produce up to 50basic
      English words and sing songs in English like jingle bells and happy
      birthday. contact us if you are able to give her a loving home. kindly
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    • Abdulrhman AL-yousef

      Is it for sale ?

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