Another video of YoYo. He loves practicing his speech in the bathroom and is always saying “I wanna go shower”. In this video, he’s having a phone conversation with himself by imitating both the caller’s voice and the voice coming from the speaker phone.

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    • Solo Holy Paladin

      *shows Silverren how YoYo talks, though he seems more interested in making
      sure each feather is perfectly aligned at his age* Silverren is possibly
      able to bark like the breeder’s small white dog…because we currently have
      no other explanation for the sudden bark I heard tonight. 😛 But right now
      he’s more concerned with feeling secure with balancing while stepping up
      and getting up and down from perches.

    • Ko-wing wong

      that phone dialing is absolutely hilarious 

    • Bohnney Davis

      Besides the fact that this parrot. Yoyo, can imitate both ends of a phone
      conversation, he can also speak ‘cellphone-ese’.

    • Jw4n9

      How do they replicate the sounds so perfectly from memory?

    • rockinrowdy13

      LOL..I have a Timneh A.G. Her name is Smokey..have had her about 25 yrs
      now. When I am home,and my son is in his room sleeping,Smokes will walk
      down the hallway,and when she gets to my son’s room,she will knock on his
      door and say James,ohhh I laugh so hard I cry! I love her to
      pieces lol…such a wonderful,cute and SMART animal!!! :-)))

    • Johno19691

      What a clever Bird :))

    • midnight15086

      Lol the weeee segment at :23…. I laughed really loud haha :-)

    • Helen Bogan

      My African Grey, Chiku, loves watching Yo Yo.


    • Amanda Lee Dube

      what a cutiepie! <3

    • a s

      Did anyone notice how he replicated the sound that is produced when numbers
      are dialed on a phone – ie the two simultaneously occurring tones?

      African Greys are impressive.

    • Neennon DA

      Weeeeee weeeee weeeeeee

    • Brittany C

      Omg, this is hilarious! Sounds just like a phone hah

    • BinesBirdsAndShihTzu

      The telefone tones are the best <3

    • Peter Wright

      Sounds like Jeff Goldbum when he’s talking XD

    • Nikki229 Peach

      I’m dying laughing!

    • herauthon four

      Call him Asterisk and a security risk ;)

    • Yusuf Ghori

      i love african grey pls give me

    • RoC1909

      LMAO! I am dying from laughing! I love the answering machine part.

    • Justin Haar


    • Janice Duarte

      Cool Peter 

    • ninjaPOTATO _

      Omg 😀 hahahha 

    • Yusuf Ghori

      lovely voice

    • The Restoration of Dr Who

      Weeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeeeee!

    • bert vsrob

      cried with laughter

    • lollsazz

      Amazing! :D

    • Mallory Fuentes

      My african grey does the water sound to XD but only if im drinking

    • MelancholyRose

      If this was just a recording without the bird, you’d swear you were
      listening to a normal day in someone’s life without even realizing you were
      listening to a parrot. That’s… hilarious.

    • bucca2

      I laughed my pants off at the telephone part.

    • Alfredo Ochoa

      im going to buy a baby african grey hopefully this year sonce im 16 and
      dont have money but might get a job

    • hassan M

      Cool and awesome adorable

    • Jill Lang

      He is funny!

    • muziczone1


    • Dino Todd

      Lol Lol. 

    • Ivan Ivek

      male or female?

    • Cee Bee

      What a beautiful creature. Sad to see an animal like this in captivity…
      But I’m glad I could see this. And he seems happy enough!

    • keith allison

      Wow adorable speech from yoyo, my african grey parrots are good with
      speeches too.
      Interested in African grey parrot??? Call/text:(408) 713-4216
      or email:keithallison49 at gmail dot com

    • Harry Hathaway

      My Congo African Grey makes the rest of these birds here on Utube look like
      LOSERS ! My Dusty has a FULL scholarship to “HAVAD”.He’s studying English
      and Human Psychology.He wants to be a therapist to help humans with mental
      problems ! On the otherhand my Timneh Grey is stupid. BTW,just joking
      around…………………………my Dusty is 20 X smarter then any of
      these birds on utube.
      PARROT People Rule ! 

    • mohamed aswar

      wow beautiful

    • Attiya A

      @MiSSeZecStatiC i bought mine for £850 but altogether 1000 for cage and
      toys aswell 🙂

    • rururussia

      hehehehe, i giggled so hard when he kept saying “whee! whee! whee whee
      whee!” and couldn’t believe my ears when he started to imitate the
      phone…amazing little guy.

    • DDofCourage

      Holy crap XD You wouldn’t know it was a parrot if you closed your eyes,
      he’s amazing. Forget Lyrebirds, African Greys are awsome.

    • mamatalu

      Unbelievable stuff, Y0 YO!! PLEASE PLEASE let him listen to and learn the
      sound of sonar of a submarine and sound of jet engine starting…. that
      would be MEGA MEGA cool! Thanks.

    • islandsjenta82

      wohooooo hillarious i love him. why not talk to your self you always get
      the best answers anyways ;- ))

    • Holly Henderson


    • Peter Salas

      @MiSSeZecStatiC Find an avian convention to buy exotic birds. Young birds
      cost the most and around $600 and upwards…older birds are cheaper because
      people typically want newborns.

    • Luckychan0108

      Oh my… your parrot awesome! i always think any parrot prefer men voice
      tone. i cant stop laughing “wheeeee”. very cute.

    • merebear87

      This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen! I’d freak out if I was home

    • basspig

      My Grey has begun saying “Hello” and “how are you?”. She’s now 16 months
      old. She also expresses herself through whistling. She likes to do the
      ‘sexy’ whistle and then usually one of us responds by saying “who’s sexy?”
      I play her this video whenever I can, hoping she will find some part of it
      worth repeating.

    • diznutz1

      Great video!! Please post more videos.

    • FlufferJubs

      how does he do that? so cutte im getting one i cant wait.

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