Hi! My name is YoYo! I am 8-year-old African Grey Parrot. This is one of my “practice” talking sessions where I say the following:

“Dirty Bird”
“Whoop There it is”
“Come On … Let’s go”
“Say Hello”
“Buh Bye”
“Nite Nite”
“Boop Boop Be Doop”
“Good Boy”
“Whatcha Do’n?”

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    • Janice Duarte
    • tuxedo214

      “dirty bird” ?!??!!?

    • wildscsi

      humans are the only creature on earth that can perceive music

    • Peter Salas

      @hersheebaby18 He tells us when he wants to go to bed…”Want to go night
      night” or “Go night night”. This is usually around 9pm, but sometimes he
      wants to be party animal and stay up till 10 or 11. Occasionally, he’ll
      talk to us when he’s already covered; like when we (the owner) go to sleep,
      or grab some water just before bed.

    • Peter Salas

      He’s 8-years old

    • Howard Luebcke

      They do sleep at night

    • Jcubedfilms

      thats freaking AWESOME!!!!!!

    • DaftStrings

      I love it how he mimicks the cell phone sounds perfectly too.

    • hersheebaby18

      do they talk like this during the night too?? or they have certain sleeping

    • Soap Mactavish

      trying to put together all the conversation this bird and owner have had

    • Fuzznitch

      lol hes peter griffin

    • desirem1

      it’s so cute, but its wierd. I think I would freak out if I was in the
      house with yo-yo and he just started talking like that. Amazing!

    • 4tari

      he is gorgeous I want one like this ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Alyssen Meyer

      hes a beautiful bird, thank you for uploading this, its quite amazing!

    • mzjamala

      mine wont even try to talk

    • VainDiamondInc

      Omg! Peter Griffin!

    • Arthur Vitti


    • TariaMonte


    • Rtv03

      Hahahha, awesome how he emulated the phone convo from both sides and even
      the dial tones

    • FreeStylaaZ

      peter griffin

    • AnimalSites

      Boop boop be doop! Love your videos, Yoyo!!!!

    • ridersdawn

      He’s actually saying “Whoop! Bad Ass!”

    • anythingnew

      yea that’s the best part lol

    • kalkma

      Yoyo talks verry clear, I’m looking forward to the next clip ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cyclop3000

      Dang he’s amazing!!! And YoYo, what a great name ๐Ÿ™‚

    • kaypain42

      haha he kinda sounds like Peter Griffin

    • Hayley baba

      oh my god lol whoop there it is, whoop there it is..thats so cool

    • LittleEmoBoy001

      haha i like when it bobs its head to whoop there it is. that’s just too
      amazing, he obviously knows it’s a song and is moving his head to it.

    • pitpackinheat

      How old is the bird? Thanks =)

    • tobba515

      Omfg thats awsome that bird owns dirtty bird!!!!

    • LittleEmoBoy001

      @wildscsi I disagree, I have observed a tranquilizing effects of music on a
      variety of creatures. Not just humans.

    • Abostic

      is its noise riped of or is that the far ๐Ÿ™

    • trixy07

      loll damn thats soo dope! how can i buy a baby parrot like this one? iam in
      the los angeles area

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