Zaz is a pickie eater.. he eats better when hes on the counter… its like seeing your child eat a good supper 🙂

    7 replies to "Zaz Congo African Grey Parrot eating chop"

    • TrollMaster _/_/_/_/_

      he obviously doesnt want it

    • Pepe Garcia

      I have him he makes a massed big time.

    • Zaz Ethel Mosley

      If you mean the length, then his wings were clipped they clipped every
      other feather of his flight feathers. So he cant take flight. When he molts
      they molt out at different times. Im trying to let them grow out till they
      even out then can be evenly clipped. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Enjoy the
      videos and please subscribe. 🙂

    • Zaz Ethel Mosley

      moonlesslamb check your messages 🙂

    • Zaz Ethel Mosley

      I sent you a private message.. check your email 🙂

    • moonlesslamb

      I know you told me he was 10 when you got him was he already tamed and a
      good bird or did you do the work with traning. thanks

    • JibyZiby

      I have a question about Zaz’s right wing in some of your other videos it
      seems as though it’s smaller how come just wondering he is cute I enjoy
      your vids thx for sharing.

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